A group of practicing artists based in Mid West Wales collaborating and creating on a weekly basis.

Cymundod celf yn gweithio yng Nghanolbarth Cymru PIP

Morphic resonance taken from Rupert Sheldrake - ‘the human person and the system to which humans belong are much more than what can be measured by standard imperical procedures. We are not merely personalities contained in a defined body, like water carried in a bucket. Rather, the human person is a field of energy and information rooted in the body but extended out from the body, interacting with the energy and the information of others. None of us is a discrete, separate unit, but an integrated system of interactions and relationships connected to all.’

Judy Connato, Field of Compassion, p.7

To find a speech,

a tongue

to fit interstices

of this land worn close as skin .

To climb among blackthorn, cold

cupping of bud white

on black twigs; a scent

is there, thin and shining

as cowslips in floodwater, under

skies of dark geese, deep eddies

of cloud. Here, the high bank

crumbles; fragile roots are prinked

with gobbets of red earth.

What is this sound the land makes

at the far reach of March,

with lengthening sun, a cleanness

of fresh sap? The speech

of the shaman is locked up in the water web

where rivers meet; slowdeep

valley wanderer of the wide meander,

still chuckling mountain freshnet,

spate river, riding on pebbles,

not mud, blending watery selves,

distinct as people, below Rhydyddauddwr.

Incompatible, are they; sluggish

dark flow, quick moody swift

young sprinter to the sea? It was

lile this a millenium earlier,

at the crossing place. Hear heavy wains,

the whinny of horses, the voices in the dusk -

chill calls, that Norman french nasality,

Tegeingl mingling mercian; vowels, broadening,

lengthening, but never merging with the plaited water

nor interweaving on a loom of moisture.

The threads remain; sharp, several, sure.

Shaman.  Glenda Beagan

For our ancestors water appearing naturally, unaided from hard rock, from out of the earths belly, had a magical significance as a place where spirits resided and where a dialogue with other realities might become possible.

Saint David, patron saint of Wales drank only water. it is said that springs of water appeared before him throughout his life. The Romans called him Aquaticus in welsh Dewi Ddyfrwr ( The Water Drinker)

Abram claims that many anthropologists have overlooked the ecological dimension of the Shaman’s rapport, ‘We can attribute much of this oversight to the modern, civilised assumption that the natural world is largely determinate and mechanical, and that that which is regarded as mysterious, powerful, and beyond the human ken must therefore be of some other nonphysical realm above nature, ‘supernatural’.’ (Abram, 1996, 8)

Experiments with water on lettering left out in the rain and old maps

'A vital materialist theory of democracy seeks to transform the divide between speaking subjects and mute objects into a set of differential tendencies and variable capacities.' (Bennett, 2010, 108)